Calkinstown Reservoir Dredging & Dam Improvements — Sharon, Connecticut

The Town of Sharon acquired the Calkinstown Reservoir in the late 19th century for use as the town's primary drinking water reservoir. The dam was originally constructed as a run-of-the-river masonry gravity dam and was subsequently filled on the downstream side, forming an earthen embankment. At some point following the flood of 1955, the inflow stream was relocated to bypass the reservoir, and water now enters the reservoir by a permitted diversion.

The Sharon Sewer and Water Commission retained LEI to prepare design plans, acquire land-use permits, and administer construction of comprehensive improvements to the dam. Improvements included dredging organic sediments from the reservoir floor, re-grading the dam crest and downstream embankment, removal and replacement of the primary spillway, removal and replacement of the gate house, enhancement of the reservoir's low-level outlet, construction of a liner and upstream embankment to retard seepage losses, and fortification of a dike that separates the reservoir from a bypass stream.

LEI prepared applications and subsequently acquired permits for the project from the Sharon Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission, the Connecticut DEEP, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.