Massachusetts Dam Safety Compliance Services Inspections, Planning, Permitting and Design

Lenard Engineering, Inc. provides a full spectrum of Dam Engineering services for private and municipal dam owners within the Commonwealth. These services range from ownership determination, inspections, evaluations, design and permitting of repairs, and construction oversight. LEI has proven methods of cost saving approaches such as hazard potential classification reduction, abbreviated Emergency Action Plans, requirement waivers, reduction- in-size classification, and phased repair implementation. Services provided are driven by the needs and desired outcomes of our clients and our relationships are strongly communication-based. It is our goal to meet these client-driven needs in such a way that complies with regulatory requirements in the most cost-effective manner.

•  Size Reclassification

•  Emergency Action Plans

•  Abbreviation EAPs

•  Design and Permitting

•  Construction Administration

Dam Experience:

•  Ownership Determinations

•  Phase I Inspections

•  Visual Inspections

•  Phase II Evaluations

•  Hazard Reclassification