Massachusetts Dam Safety Compliance: Design, Repair, and Inspection

LEI has been involved with dams throughout Massachusetts from the North Shore to the South Shore to the Berkshires. LEI provides complete engineering services from inspections to design to permitting and construction oversight. The firm has worked successfully with local and State agencies to provide safe and cost-effective solutions for dam compliance for both private and public entities. Some highlights include:

•  Design and Construction Services — Design projects have involved completely changing the type of dam to replacing a spillway to simply restoring rip rap and range from large (a $1.2+ million drinking water reservoir) to small ($48K spillway repair). LEI also provides expert oversight, observation, and guidance to the workers in the field to produce long-lasting and high-quality end results in this specialized field of engineering and construction.

•  Hazard Reclassification — LEI successfully obtained reduction of State hazard potential rating, saving the Owner design costs and long term costs. For another Owner, LEI successful reclassified a dam to Non-jurisdictional to reduce State regulations for the dam and thereby save the Owner long-term costs and costs associated with State oversight. (Although a dam may have reduced State regulations, LEI applauds and encourages responsible dam ownership for public safety.)

•  Waivers from Orders — LEI successfully obtained waivers from portions of Dam Safety Compliance Orders and moved right into design and analysis, saving the Owner engineering costs, shortening the design process, and ultimately providing faster and more cost effective compliance with the Order for repairs.

•  Emergency Action Plans — LEI successfully submitted abbreviated plans and incorporated Owner supplied/obtained information, resulting in costs savings for engineering.

•  Inspection and Analysis — Lenard engineers provide professional inspections to satisfy State regulations (Phase I) as part of regular compliance. LEI can also perform in-depth inspection, survey, geotechnical, and hydrologic and hydraulic analyses and will submit the findings to the State to comply with Orders for a more intensive inspection and analysis (Phase II).