Large-Scale Facility SPCC Plan — Easton, Connecticut

LEI completed a facility wide assessment for a regional company and identified several deficiencies under the new SPCC regulations. LEI then worked with the client to design a secondary containment system for their most intensive unloading area. Due to the frequency and duration of deliveries, and in light of the sensitivity of the surrounding water supply reservoir, a robust containment system was constructed to accommodate both fuel oil and chemical deliveries. The system included an overhead membrane building to maintain a dry and well-controlled environment for deliveries. The containment system encompasses the entire delivery truck area with an epoxy-coated concrete apron; containment for the largest compartment of the delivery truck is provided by a recessed floor sump; the unloading area is well lit and ventilated; and operating areas are clean, organized, and efficient. Several site improvements were also completed to facilitate truck movements into and out of the unloading building.