Lenard Engineering, Inc.,   is a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm with permanent office locations in Glastonbury, Winsted, and Storrs, CT, and in Auburn, MA


Corporate Office:


2210 Main Street

P.O. Box 1088

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Land Surveying

•  Property Maps are generally the most comprehensive type of survey needed for residential purposes and the only type of survey (with the exception of an ALTA Survey) that depicts all important issues of record and related field locations that may affect the possible future use of a property.

•  Topographic Surveys are conducted to generate maps that display the elevation data and terrain of a property. Elevation data are depicted by contour lines and spot elevations.

•  Boundary Surveys are performed when a property owner is interested in establishing the boundaries of a piece of land with relation to existing natural features and man-made structures that lie near the property boundaries. Boundary Surveys display all man-made structures, natural features and recorded easements within close proximity to the property lines.

•  Construction Layout and Staking mark and layout proposed improvements — using rough preliminary stakes or precise staking — on a construction site.

•  Route Surveys locate roadways, utilities, watercourses, property lines, man-made structures, natural features, and/or topographic information along roadway or utility rights of way.

•  As-Built Surveys are produced at the end of construction to document any modifications to the design that might have occurred during construction.

•  Title Research involves studying deeds, maps, and other information and documents to determine the monuments, natural features, man-made structures, easements and encumbrances that pertain to a property.