Small-Scale Facility SPCC Plan — Seymour, Connecticut

LEI completed a facility assessment for a private client and identified several deficiencies under the new SPCC regulations. LEI then worked with the client to design a secondary containment system for their unloading area that would meet their operational and budgetary constraints.

The system encompasses the entire delivery truck with an epoxy coated concrete apron. Containment for the largest compartment of the delivery truck is provided by a concrete underground storage tank.

Rain water is handled with a valved catch basin system. The catch basin is equipped with two outlet pipes, one connected to the containment storage tank and the other connected to the site storm water drainage network. During a delivery, the valve on the outlet pipe to the storm water drain is closed and valve on the outlet pipe to the containment tank is opened. After the delivery, the valves are switched back to allow accumulating rain water to drain. The system avoids the need for an overhead canopy or other enclosure to deal with rainwater.