Campus-wide Stormwater Management Plan, University of Connecticut — Storrs, Connecticut

The University of Connecticut experienced an unprecedented period of growth and expansion between 1995-2000 which resulted in a large increase in the number of buildings, roads, parking areas and other impervious surfaces. UConn turned to LEI to develop a Campus-wide Stormwater Management Plan to properly manage the increased stormwater runoff, both on- and off-campus.

LEI developed a computer model for an overall 2,175-acre drainage area consisting of 4 major watersheds and 27 subareas. LEI found that the Eagleville Brook watershed area was impacted most by this development and developed a phased improvement plan to alleviate the increased flows. A comprehensive DEEP Flood Management Certificate was completed for nearly 30 recent and proposed projects.

Solutions included diverting a 55-acre watershed area away from the Eagleville Brook watershed to alleviate immediate flooding concerns, raising the elevation of an existing spillway to provide additional detention, replacing undersized structures off-campus which had created backwater concerns, and providing water quality enhancement measures (sediment removal basins, vegetated swales, infiltration galleries, etc.) prior to discharge into surface water bodies.