Swan Lake & Mirror Lake Water Quality Study, University of Connecticut — Storrs, Connecticut

LEI was retained by the University of Connecticut to conduct a water quality study at two lakes located on its Storrs campus. Water quality at these lakes varies considerably with excessive weed growth and algae present during certain periods of the year. LEI was assisted with the study by Dr. George Knoecklein of Northeast Aquatic Research.

The study evaluated water quality in both lake water and from stormwater outfalls that discharge nutrients and other pollutants into the lakes. Lake bottom sediments were analyzed and past research conducted by University investigators obtained to provide a complete analysis.

Six rounds of surface water samples were collected at two different locations on each lake and analyzed for total phosphorus, nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, Kjeldahl nitrogen and suspended solids. Similar analyses were also conducted on lake sediments and at stormwater drainage inlets and lake outlets.

This data was evaluated to determine the causes of the poor water quality as a basis of making recommendations to provide long-term water quality improvements. Both in-lake and storm water treatment improvements were proposed to provide immediate and long lasting results.