New Water Booster Pumping Station, University of Connecticut — Storrs, Connecticut

For the University of Connecticut's Storrs Campus, LEI designed a water booster pumping station with combined domestic water supply and fire protection to provide a constant pressure of between 110 and 140 psi to all buildings within the high pressure zone, dependent upon their elevations. Domestic water pressure is reduced internally inside each building. Due to widely varying water demand in these buildings, a PLC-based pump controller was designed to regulate the selection and motor speed of 6 domestic vertical turbine pumps which can maintain constant distribution pressure over a flow range of 0 to 2,250 GPM. A 3,500 GPM fire pump was also provided to provide fire protection throughout the distribution system.

Improvements to both the existing domestic and new high pressure water distribution systems were required to replace older, undersized mains; to extend raw water piping from the Fenton River wellfield; to provide fire protection to existing residence halls; and to supply future university buildings. Construction included approximately 3,650 feet of new 20-inch water mains, 4,000 feet of new 12-inch mains, 12 new hydrants, and connections for 10 existing and future buildings.