Heritage Walkway and Riverside Park — Thompson, Connecticut

The Thompson Heritage Walkway and Riverside Park begins at Riverside Drive near the Thompson Public Library in North Grosvenordale and runs north approximately 7,700 feet along the west shore of the French River. The walkway passes through a section of the Town's historic mill area on its way to Grosvenordale Pond. Approximately 50 percent of the walkway is either bituminous pavement or wooden boardwalk with the remaining half composed of compacted stone dust.

Because of limited space along State Route 12 (Riverside Drive), the walkway is cantilevered over a former mill tailrace. Access and parking is available at the library, adjacent to the former mills and at a canoe and small boat launch area at the southern end of Grosvenordale Pond.

Phase I of the project included the design of a walkway, a cantilevered boardwalk over a former mill tailrace, 125-foot long pedestrian bridge, and lighting for a linear river park. For Phase II of the project, LEI was retained to design a park access road, parking lot, 6,500 feet of walkway, sidewalks, beach area, and lighting for an area of the park between a library and a former mill pond.