New Water Pump Station — Waterford, Connecticut

The Quaker Hill water booster pump station, part of a $3.2 million system improvement project, provides improved water pressure and fire protection to northern Waterford. The station was constructed on a small parcel adjacent to the town's wastewater pump station, thus minimizing site costs.

The station's three pumps (expandable to four) are rated for a combined 2,500 gpm and transfer water from a low service zone into a new mid-elevation service zone that has suffered from areas of low pressure and substandard fire flows. A new state-of-the-art telemetry system was installed which automatically controls pump operation and monitors tank level, distribution system pressures, and alerts system operators of alarm conditions.

Approximately 3,000 feet of new 12- and 16-inch water mains were installed to connect the station to key areas of the distribution system which required the increased flows and pressures.