Water Diversion Permitting / Level A Aquifer Mapping, Jordan Brook Production Well — Waterford, Connecticut

The Town of Waterford's Utility Commission hired LEI to prepare a water diversion permit for a new 300 GPM gravel-packed production well adjacent to Jordon Brook and its associated riparian wetlands. LEI obtained an approved Plan for Data Collection from the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) and supervised the installation of additional observation wells, piezometers and stream gauges in the aquifer.

LEI conducted multiple pumping tests on this well, which conformed with both DEEP and Department of Public Health (DPH) requirements, and automatically recorded drawdowns in the aquifer for use in modeling. LEI created a three-dimensional groundwater model which was used to simulate the effects of pumping on the aquifer, Jordon Brook, wetlands and vernal pools in the area of the well. LEI also conducted extensive wetland and fishery studies to support the modeling effort. LEI prepared a preliminary Level A aquifer map for this well which delineated wellfield recharge areas based on the proposed diversion pumping rates.

Based on the high impacts to wetlands, stream flows and vernal pools as predicted by the model, this diversion application was withdrawn. In the future, if new sources of supply are needed, this can be re-applied for on a timely basis.