Assessments, Ratings & Construction Estimates of 21 Town Bridges and Culverts — Watertown, Connecticut

LEI conducted preliminary assessments of 21 town bridges and culverts. The structures were located on town roads over small to medium watercourses. The inspections and evaluations were based on the document entitled "Recording and Coding Guide for the Structure Inventory and Appraisal of the Nation's Bridges."

The assignment consisted of the following tasks:

1.  Visual inspection of the structural components, waterway, approach roads, and road accessories

2.  Field measurements of important dimensions, preparation of ketches and photographs

3.  Research and review of Town records

4.  Calculation of the Sufficiency and Priority Ratings for each structure. Since traffic counts and inventory load ratings were not available, these values were estimated based on Town records and/or experience with similar structures.

5.  Establish repair/rehabilitation priorities with preliminary construction estimates

The findings, results of evaluations and recommendations for repair and/or rehabilitation with preliminary cost estimates were summarized in a concise engineering report.