Historic Mill Restoration Projects, Windham Mills Development Corporation — Willimantic, Connecticut

The Windham Mills Development Corporation retained LEI to prepare complete construction plans and specifications for the roof replacement of four historic buildings in the Windham Mills industrial complex. The work included a conditions survey and structural evaluations of all timber roof trusses and beams supporting tongue-and groove timber roof decks. LEI also prepared designs for all necessary structural improvements and replacements.

LEI also conducted a conditions survey and load evaluation for the repair of an historic railroad bridge. The 120-foot steel truss bridge was 17-feet high and 12-feet wide. Originally built for narrow-gauge rail traffic, the bridge is presently used for vehicular access across the Willimantic River. During the conditions survey, engineers discovered a broken low chord member close to one of the supports that was probably damaged by floating debris during a flood event. LEI calculated a safe load rating for the structure which was put into effect until the damaged chord member was repaired.