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Understanding the distribution and movement of groundwater is necessary when designing water supply well systems and remediating soil and groundwater pollution.  LEI’s hydrogeologists work with our team of civil and environmental engineers and licensed environmental professionals (LEP’s) to solve complex water supply and remediation problems.  We collect and analyzing site-specific data to identify a solution that take advantage of the unique features of your site.  For very complex projects or where multiple outcomes must be evaluated, often over an extended time period, we rely on groundwater modeling to help identify the best solution.

We work on a wide range of clean water and contaminated water projects, including: municipal drinking water well design and permitting and groundwater contamination assessments.  We have experience with designing and implementing various in-situ remediation methods such as: monitored natural attenuation; soil vapor extraction (SVE) air-sparging; enhanced bioremediation; and in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO).  We work hard to understand your project goals, and help solve our clients environmental problems.

  • Water Supply Well Design
  • Groundwater Impact Analyses
  • Aquifer Mapping
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Numerical Groundwater Modeling

Aquifer Pumping Test, Berlin, CT

Soil Boring Analysis, Stonington, CT

Level A Pump Test Monitoring, Bristol, CT

Level A Aquifer Mapping, Meriden, CT

Groundwater Exploration and Water Supply Study, Baltic, CT 



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