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Lenard Engineering, Inc. (LEI) specializes in providing environmental services to the Petroleum Industry. Our clients include State  and Municipal governments, oil companies, convenience stores, banks and environmental attorneys.

Over the last 25 years, LEI has provided underground storage tank design services (where required), UST compliance consulting with respect to installation and release detection, as well as the investigation and clean-up for over 250 locations across New York and New England.  Our services have covered the spectrum from compliance interface with the Connecticut Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection, collection of soil and groundwater samples for tank closure and closure report writing, preparing bid documents for tank removal and replacements, as well as site investigation and clean-up of releases.

  • Gasoline Station Site Planning and UST Design
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank Investigations
  • Soil and Groundwater Clean-up Services
  • Mobile Groundwater Dewatering Systems

Gasoline Station Site Planning, Middlebury, CT

UST Removal, Eastford, CT

Catalytic Oxidation Treatment System, Norwich, CT

Town Garage AST Installation, Bozrah, CT

Soil Treatment System, Killingly, CT

Fuel Bulkyard Soil Remediation Project, Winsted, CT

Gasoline Station Site Planning, Killingly, CT

PCB Contaminated Soil Investigation, Bethel,CT

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